Pool Repair DIY Blog

This Pool Repair DIY was created for pool owners who maintain their pools on their own and would like to know how to fix minor problems which comes their long way with it.

Tip and Tricks how to fix any swimming pool problems, such as pump repair, filter repair, cartridge replacement and proper cleaning, cleaning clogged pump impeller, cleaning clogged line, locating and fixing pool leaks, removing stains and other problems that comes to pool owners.

Also this blog will include good information about how to properly maintain any pool equipment such as proper measure of a filter pressure, proper set of hours for timer depending on the time of the year, understanding importance of a correct flow in the pool, how to find out if your filter cartridge is not efficient anymore and other things that will make your pool maintenance easy and your pool sparkling clear at all times!

Swimming Pool Filter Pressure

Correct Swimming Pool Filter Pressure Lets take a look why a correct…