It is certain that you would like your pool always stay clean and properly maintained, so we here to help!

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Extreme algae growth in a pool is a serious problem that can’t be fixed by treating the pool with shock. When algae spores get trapped in the plaster, they will continue to bloom without an acid wash treatment, also known as a drain and chemical clean, that kills the spores for good.

South Aqua Tech specializes in pool heater repairs, pool pump repairs, lighting and heating repairs, leak repairs, and more. We use the finest repair equipment available to us to complete each maintenance service. Each repair will result in a pool system that runs more efficiently and won’t leave a huge hole in your wallet.

South Aqua Tech pool service also provide the following equipment:
  • Alternative Sanitizers (Nature2, Frog System, etc.)
  • Auto-fills
  • Automatic Pool Cleaners
  • Cartridge Filter Replacements
  • Complete Swimming Pool Filter Systems
  • Pool Chlorinators
  • DE Filters
  • Energy-Saving Equipment
  • Heaters
  • Solar Pool Covers
  • Swimming Pool Pumps, Motors & Filters
  • Machine Clean Pool Tile
  • Acid Washing Filter Cartridges

Why bother cleaning your pool yourself when you can pay a professional to do it for very little?  Our techs have the tools, know-how and skill to take care of your pool quickly and easily.

South Aqua Tech LLC offers swimming pool service in Broward County. Our service professionals would be happy to remove the worries so that you can focus on the more important issues in life. You don’t have to go to pool chemistry school and buy hundreds of dollars of equipment to keep your pool in order.As a maintenance account client, you also get a 15% discount on all repair parts and labor.  This is a very sizable discount as pool repairs typically range from $100.00 to $900.00.